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Innovative Water Solutions

Where smart people are combined with smart measuring and smart software,
that’s where you get ONYMA.

Who we are

We work together: committed, enthusiastic and reliable. We are approx. 50 professionals in horizontal organisations. Working autonomously and developing yourself are central, and (primarily) job satisfaction.

What we do
The people in the Onyma Group deal with measurements in water and with translating those measurements into usable data and advices.

Why we do this
Reducing costs and improving sustainability: that is what we aim to achieve for our clients. We do this through process optimisation with Onyma Group’s products and services.

The Onyma Group consists of the following companies and brands:


IMD Vastgoed BV

Pro Water BV



When I was born, the global population consisted of 3 billion people. During my lifetime, that number may well rise to 9 billion. And we only have one Earth…
As long as the world’s population is growing, resources, energy and water are becoming scarce. Clean water in particular. By taking measurements in water, analysing these measurements and transposing them into usable information, together we can come up with solutions to these problems.
At the Onyma Group, this is what we do, every single day!

Tom Dekker, Director of the Onyma Group

Onyma Group logo

We are looking for employees who also think it’s important to be co-owner and co-thinker.

We are looking for companies that wish to develop and that realise that this is easier when you are part of a greater and stronger whole. All this while maintaining their autonomy and their uniqueness.

We are looking for clients who wish to work with us in making their processes more sustainable.

The Onymacris Unguicularis lives in the Namib desert in Southern Africa. From the mist that is blown across the desert by the coastal winds in the morning, the Onymacris “catches” water with its body–which is colder than the environment, causing the mist to condensate–that it then allows to drip towards its mouth in a phenomenal fashion: it pushes the rear of its body higher up than the front. This way, the beetle can survive in an environment where there is barely any water present.

We gladly take inspiration from such ingenious solutions of nature!

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Tweelingenlaan 105

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